Happy Fall, Y’all!

Time for cool breezes, pumpkin lattes and swirling leaves. I can’t wait to slide into my favorite hoodie…which means I have a while to wait in Louisiana.

But no worries because with Perfectly Charming coming out Sept. 27th we can enjoy summer all year long. No need to abandon those flip flops because the second installment in the Morning Glory series takes us to the beach in Florida. Ah, just feel the sea breeze lifting the tendrils of your hair as you sink your toes into the silken white sands of Pensacola Beach.

You’re going to love Jess’s story which involves the geek from her past. I love a sexy nerd, don’t you? And Dr. Ryan Reyes is definitely sexy, and just what the doctor ordered for the recently divorced surgical nurse.

Eden’s book will be coming soon and will take you to one of my favorite cities – New Orleans. Just a hint: there will be ostrich fans, a piano player named Fatso and a hot single dad for our Penny Pincher’s manager of the year.

Enjoy the autumn…and don’t forget to read a bunch of good books!