Welcome to my little place on the big ol’ web!

I’m so happy you’ve popped by to see what’s happening here at Liz Talley Books. As always there’s something good on the horizon!

Winter’s been a lot warmer with Cowboys for Christmas which I co-authored with the fabulous Terri Osburn and Kim Law. The book has received tons of glowing reviews and netted new readers. That’s definitely worth a yee haw! And early this 2015, the second book in the Home in Magnolia Bend series releases. Sweet Talking Man is Abigail’s story and you’ll never guess who Miss Straight-as-an-Arrow falls for – a sexy hippie art teacher. Yeah, I had to give Abigail someone to round out her edges. Then this summer you’ll get to read about the dashing Jake’s tumble into love with his best friend Eva in the third book of the series Sweet Southern Nights.

And as always, I’m cooking up more stories to come your way in late 2015. So until then, grab a good book, snuggle down in front of the fire and journey into a new world.

Nothing’s a better friend than a good book.

Happy 2015!