Welcome to my new and improved website!

Looks darling, doesn’t it? Feels so perfect for me and my books. In redesigning I wanted something modern yet reflecting small-town values, bright but not too bold, Southern but encompassing. My website designer tossed all of that into her creative vat, stirred for a while and Voila! This fresh look reflects the vision I have for myself as a writer with new ventures on the horizon.

Oh, and speaking of new ventures, I have a few books releasing soon. This August the first book in a new series, Home in Magnolia Bend, releases. The Sweetest September features a character from a past series, Shelby Mackey, who meets a grieving widower in a backwoods honkytonk. What happens in the bathroom of Boots Gros. doesn’t stay there but all roads lead to love. In September, I’m excited to announce the rerelease of A Little Texas which features my favorite character – Kate Newman. It’s paired with NYT Bestselling author Allison Leigh’s Wed in Wyoming.

And this November, I’ve partnered with Kim Law and Terri Osburn to bring you a fun, wonderful, you’re-gonna-love-it anthology called Cowboys for Christmas. I can’t tell you how fun it was to write “Kiss Me, Cowboy.” Can’t wait for you to read it!

Fall is a busy time of year, but I hope you’ll find time to put up your feet, grab some hot chocolate and settle down with a Liz Talley book. After all, no one ever died from not having clean underwear.

Happy reading, friends!