Welcome to Liz Talley Books, friend,

Things are blooming around here, including a new book this spring! I’m so excited to get Come Home to Me into readers’ hands. I’m incredibly proud of this romance/women’s fiction crossover that brings the past into the present through three authentic characters. Set in South Carolina and alternating between two different time periods, this novel takes on some heavy topics while staying very true to who I am as an author. I think you will love spending time with Summer, Rhett and Hunter.

In summer 2018 I will be completing the Morning Glory series with Third Time’s the Charm. Rosemary, Jess and Eden have each earned their happily ever afters and have attached a charm to the bracelet, but Lacy had a final request – give the bracelet to someone with no hope. Can you guess who gets the bracelet? And another chance with the boy she once loved? You’ll find out soon!

And since I loved writing small-town Mississippi, I have another book in the works that’s set in a town very close to Morning Glory. Oh, this one will be fun and will feature a country music singer and a biology teacher. Sparks are sure to fly!

Wishing you a lovely spring and summer! Don’t forget to check out my book page where you can find links to each book and sample a few pages.

Happy reading!