A Touch of Scarlet

When actress Scarlet Rose speeds into Oak Stand, Texas to stop her sister from marrying the smarmy town gigolo, she runs right into straight-laced lawman Adam Hinton’s speed trap and into an unforeseen vortex of attraction. Dumped by a distinguished character actor, Scarlet is set on holding on to her heartbreak, but something about the rigid Adam has her hankering to get her hands on him, smudge him up a bit. She gets her chance when she finds herself in the back of his cruiser after a censorship protest. Jail isn’t cool, but the energy between her and Adam have has her fanning her libido. A community service stint sidelines her career, but with Adam in the picture, maybe sitting on the sidelines has its upside.

The last thing Adam Hinton needs is a drama queen strutting around his town in her high heels and fancy duds distracting him from his job. He knows she’s trouble with a capital “T” and he knows why…she’s just the type of girl he likes. The wrong type. But Adam can’t help himself. He’s drawn like a moth to the flash of a paparazzi’s camera. He can’t have her, but, oh, does he want her. Toss in the town of Oak Stand, another trip to Phoenix and Tucker House, and Bubba and it’s time to paint the town Scarlet.