His Forever Girl

Tess Ullo doesn’t believe in love at first sight, but when tall, dark and sexy walks into her neighborhood French Quarter bar, her heart does something crazy. Graham Naquin doesn’t seem just any business man. He’s relocating to New Orleans and an impromptu dinner launches a night neither one will ever forget.

Except  Tess doesn’t hear from Graham again until….he’s sitting in her father’s office ready to take over Ullo Float Builders as CEO.

Yeah. CEO was supposed to be Tess’s job. But her father Frank Ullo doesn’t see it that way. Dying from pancreatic cancer, he’s trying to get his world in order before departing, and that include hiring the right guy to run his multi-million dollar float building business. Hurt and angry, Tess quits and goes to work for the competition who happens to be Graham’s ex. Things get complicated quickly.

Too bad Graham can’t keep his hands off the feisty designer…and Tess can’t forget the night she spent in Graham’s arms.