The Road to Bayou Bridge

Darby Dufrene, newly discharged from the Navy and ready to start a new life, has no intention of returning to Bayou Bridge, but with his mother chewing his ear, a newly-discovered sister refusing to be part of the family, and a shocking discovery made among his old papers, he has no choice. He must go home to Bayou Bridge, Louisiana in order to untangle his past so he can start afresh…and that means getting a divorce from his wife of ten years. But first he has to tell her they’re married.

Renny Latioles has spent the past ten year rebuilding a life she nearly lost the fateful night she and her high school boyfriend were to have started a new life together. Now a respected biologist with Wildlife and Fisheries, she’s tasked with reintroducing the whooping crane into its former breeding grounds. When one of the cranes ends up on Beau Soleil property, she runs into her old flame and a myriad of memories.