The Spirit of Christmas

What would you do if you won 2 million dollars?

Well, Mary Paige Gentry gets to decide when she stops to help what she thinks is a homeless man ill-equipped for an unexpected cold snap in New Orleans and ends up with a lot of extra cash. When the bum turns out to be eccentric billionaire Malcolm Henry who has a plan for bringing the true spirit of Christmas back to the Crescent City, the soft-hearted accountant finds herself plunked down into the middle of a publicity campaign and toe-to-toe with the Henry heir apparent.

Malcolm Henry’s grandson Brennan Henry despises blinking lights, holiday music and busy-body do-gooders, but he can’t deny the attraction he feels for the clumsy blonde with the too big bottom and too big heart. In order to claim the CEO spot of MBH Industries, he must play the happy executive and squire Mary Paige about town…something he finds oddly satisfying even if he has to wear the occasional elf hat.

Join a former nun, an adorable Dachshund and a plucky breast cancer survivor in this modern-day A Christmas Carol as they watch Brennan meet his past, present and future…and learn the true meaning of Christmas and love.